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Anime Export.

Anime Export is a big company exporting Japanese animation toys and figures in the world.

For this mission, I was in charge of redesigning the entire site which had never been designed in 10 years of existence of the company. The site is really big and complex since it is the only platform on which the entire activity of the company takes place.

This mission was also one of the most important for me. So important in fact, that after completing it, Anime Export offered me a full-time position as a developer in their company.

Since then, I have been working daily on the improvement of the site and the development of new administration tools for it.

theo lerbeil
theo lerbeil

Right after I started working full time for Anime Export, I started developing an online inventory management software for the company.

The purpose of this solution is to replace the use of endless Exel files that are too easily lost or that we often forget to update...

My idea with Anime Export is to optimize the productivity of the whole team by avoiding unnecessary waste of time and allowing a better cooperation within the team. Of course the entire system is translated into English and Japanese for the convenience of my coworkers.

theo lerbeil
theo lerbeil

Of course, let's not forget to mention the daily creation of promotional visuals to be displayed on the site or on the company's social networks.