I’m Theo, 24 years old french guy. After completing my studies in France and Canada in the field of multimedia, I decided to come to Japan, looking for new challenges. In Japan, in addition to studying Japanese, I had the opportunity to work in a variety of jobs such as a volunteer in a youth hostel, as a quality assurance tester in a major Tokyo video game company and of course, as a freelancer, designing inspiring logos and websites for my clients.

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theo lerbeil

My work experience

Management of the company's website and database.
Customer support in English and French.
Design of promotional visuals.
Development of new tools for the company (HTML, PHP, JavaScript...)

Creation of websites, logos and graphic identities for various companies and shops.

Issues reporting, correction and translation improvement.
Linguistic, cosmetic and functional testing for video games from Japanese and international companies.
Working in a multicultural and multilingual team, good knowledge of French grammatical and typography rules, precision and attention to details.

Creation of new flyers to promote the French courses of the spring semesters, creation of various promotional visuals like social netxork advertising.

Maintenance and upkeep of the hostel, reception and assistance for guests and tourists.

Design of a custom development tool and creation of visual supports for the web and communication.

Design of a web application for a local company and creating a visual identity: flyers, leaflets and business cards.

My education

Learning japanese language.

International degree (DUETE).
Specialization in the field of video games development and Game Design.
Creation of IT and computer graphics projects in teams.
Successful project and team management.

2 year degree in multimedia, communication and web development (MMI).
Design of websites and multimedia products.